parafina SAGUARA TORTOISE 48-25-145

48 mm
Lęšio plotis
25 mm
Tarpnosės plotis, mm
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SAGUARA is obtained combining two of the most abundant materials in the landfills of the planet, HDPE plastic and tires.

HPDE plastic and rubber are some of the most abundant materials in landfills on the planet. At Parafina we recycle these two elements to obtain SAGUARA, a pair of water-resistant sunglasses, whose frame is made with recycled HDPE plastic and the temples with recycled tires. Its lenses, made of polycarbonate, are polarized, which allows us to reduce glare, optical stress, improve contrast and have UV 400 protection (cat. 3). The lens coating provides resistance to water, grease and scratches. The color Transparent Yellow has mirrored lenses.


Lens width: 48 | Bridge: 25 | Rod: 145

Made from 100% Recycled Tires and Recycled HDPE (plastic)




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Prekės ženklas PARAFINA
Rėmelio dydis 48-25-145
Rėmelio dydis L
Rėmo spalva tort
Rėmelio medžiaga Plastmasinis
Auditorija Moterims
Lęšio plotis 48
Tarpnosės plotis, mm 25
Lens coating Poliarizuotas
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Vieneto kaina 49.00 €


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